Even though a simple stroker can be fun, it can’t compare to the torso of a sex doll, especially if you want something more lifelike. Full-sized, expensive sex dolls can cost up to $3,000, so it might not be as easy as it seems to buy one. We’re lucky because cheaper options are available. In contrast to full genitalia, buttocks, and torsos, the dolls’ legs, arms, and necks don’t have any genitalia. The other name for these dolls is “sex torso Doll.

“It might take some time for one to get used to the torso but other than that, this sex doll is great! Unlike their full-sized versions, torso sex dolls only cost a few hundred dollars. Because of this, it’s easy for the average person who wants a sex doll to get one.

What Does The Phrase “Sex Doll Torso” Mean?

If you want your masturbation sessions to feel more real but don’t want a full-fledged sex doll taking up space in your bedroom, a love torso Doll could be the right sex toy for you! If you prefer to thrust instead of touch, sex doll torsos are a great way to show lifelike images. You’ve probably seen sex doll torsos before if you’ve ever wanted to play with something that looks like the torso of another person. You can buy torsos for sex dolls on their own.


Usually, “masculine” dolls have penises, anuses, and chests that are sculpted. As a general rule, female dolls have an anus and a vagina. The torsos of these sex dolls start at the neck and end right above the groin. You don’t have to play with a sex torso Doll by yourself. You can also use it with a friend to live out your threesome fantasies as long as they’re in agreement with it.