When it comes to the matters of love and romance, our preferences are usually very different. The difference is welcomed and there is nothing wrong with whatever one feels is the right way of satisfying their sexual needs. The most important thing is to ensure that your decisions don’t go beyond what is considered normal and acceptable. This is where the question of how one should treat their sex robot.

The main question is, are the real dolls worth being used for sex to replace having sex with a human partner? This is a personal question and we all have different answers according to what we consider right. However, the right answer for everyone regardless of how much you enjoy having sex with a love doll should be “NO”. No sex doll should be allowed to take the place of a human being. The reasons for that include:

1.    It Might Lead to Addiction

Human beings are meant to have control over anything they do. The moment they lose their control over fantasies, it is called addiction which is abnormal. There are many ways of avoiding being addicted to any feeling or fantasies. One of the most notable way is doing everything seldom. Having an adult doll might be your cool way of enjoying sex but it should never an everyday thing.

2.    Human Relation is Very Important

No matter how much you enjoy having sex with an adult doll, it will never replace the feeling of dating a real human being. This is because, there is a lot that humans can do for you that a sex doll can never be able to offer you. For example, real dolls don’t have feelings and therefore, they cannot be able to express their feelings to you. At the same time, they don’t know how to talk and they can therefore not communicate with you.

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The secret of enjoying anything you do for fun is keeping it under control or doing it on the minimal. In this way, you will be able to enjoy it more than when it becomes an addiction.